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This is the biggest tree crusher in the world, massive machinery

“Manufactured by LeTourneau, the G175 Tree Crusher was designed specifically for land clearing and is the only self powered tree crushing machine of its size. Electrically powered, it is similar in principle to a steamroller.”

If that quote from the manufacturer isn’t enough to show how dominant of a machine that this really is, then we don’t know what is. Just imagine this behemoth barreling through the forest and taking out everything in its path.

Fitted with only the sharpest teeth, this steamroller-esque monster is designed to go head-to-head with those burly trunks and take them out without even thinking twice about it.

Check out the incredibly massive machine in the video below that could knock down a forest at the drop of a hat. This thing looks to be about as big as a machine can get. I wouldn’t want to meet this giant thing in a dark alley.


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