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This is The First 4×4 Diesel to Make in The 7’s! Hauling Ass!

We’ve been saying for a while now that diesel performance is one of the fastest growing and most rapidly-advancing segments of the racing industry. In just a few short years, diesel pickups have gone from a novelty at the occasional test and tune to having their own sanctioning body and a massive aftermarket, not to mention legions of rabid fans across the nation and around the world. It wasn’t all that long ago that a diesel truck running in the 11’s got our attention, but that won’t even get a second glance at most track days now. If you’re not in the 10’s or better, you’re just another run of the mill pickup.

On the other end of the spectrum, these all-out performance shop builds have become more and more common. Shops build a truck of their own to show what is possible with their products to lure customers from the burgeoning market to their websites to place orders with hopes of turning their truck into a smoke-bellowing beast as well. One such shop is Firepunk Diesel, the Plain City, Ohio based diesel performance center whose Dodge just became the first diesel-powered 4×4 to dip below the magical 8.00 threshold.

With a copious amount of boost and fuel pumping through the engine, the truck launched hard and straight, tearing at the asphalt with all four tires as it blitzed the quarter mile to a 7.99 ET at 174 MPH, both of which are numbers that would make all but the most hardcore race cars look slow. Congrats to the Firepunk team for laying down the first 7-second ET in a four wheel drive pickup. As we all know, this only means the race to the first 6-second time slip has officially begun, with these guys having a lead over the competition.

7 second diesel 4×4

Lavon Miller in "Firepunk" The first 4×4 diesel to make it to the 7's! That thing is straight up haulin!

Posted by Speed Society on Friday, May 26, 2017


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