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This Is The Most Expensive Mansion in America!

It’s called simply “The One” and it is easily the pinnacle of excess and opulence and we freakin’ LOVE it. Currently under construction in the hills high above LA’s Bel Air community, this over-the-top mansion features over 100,000 square feet of living area and some mind blowing amenities.

Just the water features alone are enough to make your head swim (pardon the terrible pun). Besides the moat that circles the whole property, there are no fewer that four infinity pools spread around the exterior of the home. One of them, as shown in the concept video below, will have sunken conversation areas for guests who want to be in the pool without getting in the pool. This particular pool is part of a huge indoor/outdoor nightclub that is just one of the areas of the home built for entertaining.

Stepping inside, the home features yet another pool, the largest indoor pool in the state of California. There’s also a forty-seat theatre with stadium-style seating and a bowling alley. One of the more unique features in a room that’s surrounded by jellyfish aquariums, which has to make this the most relaxing room ever!

The video doesn’t go much more into details, as the home is still being built and looks to be quite a ways from completion. However, you can see in the video that there are several large open areas with beautiful lighting and decor. From what appears to be a modern take on the library to a dedicated dining area, The One is the stuff dreams are made of. The price tag is a cool half a billion dollars, so if one of our readers has plans on picking this residence, we totally expect and invite to the housewarming party. We promise not to have too much to drink and fall into any of the pools. Or the moat.