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This is The Most Luxurious Dodge Ram Pickup Ever!

Today, pickup trucks are most certainly a more complicated beast than when they originally hit the marketplace. Back in the day, you see, trucks were all about function and not really about form. They might have been a consumer product when they first started getting popular but nobody really thought about how luxurious a pickup truck could be. As long as it would was tough and held together pretty well to haul whatever load they needed to haul with it, people would be happy with their machine. However, today, standards are much higher across the board and as such, manufacturers have really had to step up their game in the build process.

In this day and age, trucks are just as luxurious if not more luxurious than their four wheeled counterparts in luxury cars. From the materials that they use to the technology on board and everything in between, these days, consumers expect to have just as much plush as they would if they bought a high end luxury car. With that in mind, manufacturers are going to higher heights every day, reaching for the stars with some of the materials and equipment that you see in these things. With the RAM Tungsten model,  the brand really reaches as high as they can with what they claim to be the most luxurious pickup to hit the market.

Follow along in the video below that shows you some of what is supposed to separate this truck from the pack. Nowadays, some folks might only be looking for function in their pick ups but if you’re one of those that wants the best of everything, this might be a machine that you should highly consider putting on your list. After following along with this video that tells you all about what you can expect out of latest RAM, tell us if you would pick up a truck like this to add your personal collection or if it’s a little bit too much flair for your style.


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