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This is What a $1.1m Overland Camper Looks Like Inside

For those looking to explore the country and do so in a comfortable way, there are an abundance of RVs available to make the ride just a little bit smoother. However, for those who would like to take the route less traveled quite literally and go off of the beaten path, the options get a little bit more sparse.

There’s no need to worry, though, because, for those who like their exploration a little bit extreme, there are several companies out there that will hook you up. To get access to some of these products, though, customers are going to have to pay a pretty penny because they are most certainly not cheap.

We’re talking, this time, about the $1,.1 million 2023 EarthRoamer SX and it’s not cheap for a reason.

This bad boy built on a Chevy 6500 chassis is constructed with great attention to detail and ready to take its occupants wherever they might want to go in style.

TFLoffroad gives us a complete guided tour of this newly released model.

To get things kicked off, there is a lot to digest outside. From the trick suspension to the lighting and other aggressively styled features designed to make this the most functional off-road beast possible, we find ourselves a home that’s going to have the off-road functionality of a tank!

Inside, the model doesn’t look like a tank at all but instead, the layout rivals the likes of a luxury apartment. When optioned out, the model can feature everything from a washer and dryer to a refrigerator and even all sorts of custom finishes.

Below, we get to not only see how luxurious this rig is as it provides a home away from home but also check in with some incredibly functional aspects of the EarthRoamer SX that really have us impressed.

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