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This is What a 130+mph Electric R/C Boat Looks Like in Action

In the corner of the world that finds their kicks in the remote control industry, there are certainly some serious builds that find their way to tap into your emotions and can get the adrenaline flowing. Some of these guys and gals who decide they want to go fast through land, air, or sea can really sink some serious coin into making sure that they have the vehicle that will satisfy that need for speed, even if controlling that need for speed comes from afar like it does here. In this situation, we get a chance to check out what is able to claim the title of one of the fastest remote control boats in all of the Middle East.

If you thought that the cars out that way were quick in their own right, just wait until you get the chance to see what this beast of a remote control boat has to offer. As it’s set in the water, at first, it teases us for a bit but when the operator goes full throttle, this thing really flexes its muscles and screams at the top of its lungs. There’s just something about that high-pitched drone that comes from the remote control vehicle that really makes you want to get in there and try to drive it for yourself as it reaches speeds topping 130 mph.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly how this one comes together as the operator absolutely pounds on the remote control boat, sending it to a GPS verified high-speed of almost 133 mph. It definitely takes some get up and go, even with a vessel that small, to be able to reach those types of insane acceleration. We’re making no promises that you can dig into this one and come out without wanting to get your hands on a remote controlled vehicle like this for yourself.