This is What it’s Like to Drive a Supercharged Coyote Swapped 4×4 F-150

When we’re talking about classic trucks, there is a lot to love. The design ...

When we’re talking about classic trucks, there is a lot to love. The design might be simple but truck fans have fallen in love with the basic body lines and the mentality that an old school truck stands for.

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However, just because we love the way that an old truck feels and looks isn’t to say that we can’t give it a little bit of flair. In fact, there are tons of folks who absolutely love to do what they can to transfer a little bit of new-school flair to some of the old-school favorites.

This time, we check in with a 1976 Ford F-150 that has received a little bit of updating. Thanks to the folks from Fat Fender Garage, this thing basically feels like an F-150 from the modern era but it looks the part of a classic. To make things even sweeter, there’s a little bit of an added performance kick as well.

This time, we get to take the tour of the truck that features the heart of a modern monster all while looking like an innocent old sheep. Under the hood, we find a modern engine with the likes of a 2019 Gen 3 Coyote pulled from a Ford Mustang. When combined with a Whipple supercharger, the truck is sure to roll! To make it smooth, we find modern amenities like a 10-speed transmission pulled from a late model Ford F-150 along with a modern F-150 transfer case.

Even inside, we find lots of modern interior pieces to really make the truck a bit more comfortable as well. In other words, this might just be the perfect blend of modern meets classic all wrapped up in one package.

Down in the video below, we check in with the pickup truck that’s really going to have people doing a double-take at the local car show. This is just one special machine that hits all of the right notes.

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