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This is Why Ramming Through a Railroad Crossing Sign is a BAD Idea!

A situation like this will really have you ready and willing to obey all of the signs on the road. This one is definitely a real head scratcher as you want to really give this person the benefit of the doubt and claim that some sort of malfunction happened with their vehicle, however, with the circumstances at hand, it really leads you to think that they either did this on purpose or it was some obscene driver error that ended up sending this Volkswagen through railroad crossing signs and over railroad tracks just as a speeding train was coming by.

Initially, it almost looked like a brake failure or something of the like as the German engineered machine rolled its way towards the tracks with the train quickly approaching and the gate down signaling that maybe they should’ve stayed back a little bit. However, based on the fact that shortly after crossing the tracks, the car managed to come to a complete stop with ease, you can kind of scratch out an equipment error like that being the cause of the scene that put all of these people in harm’s way. From there, you’re kind of left to believe that the driver’s attention slipped off of the road or that he simply thought that he would be able to beat the train. What a thought!

The video down below shows the moment as the car makes its way across the tracks, barely making it out of the way as this quick train plows through the intersection. The train did manage to clip the car, but didn’t catch it enough to do any real damage. Thankfully, nobody inside was injured in the process. After watching something like this, you really have to wonder what it was that happened that night. Once you get the full scene of what exactly went down, be sure to tell us what you think happened to make this driver pull off such a dangerous maneuver.

Train collides with car

The heart-stopping moment a train collides with car – and all four occupants manage to walk away.

Posted by The Telegraph on Thursday, August 10, 2017


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