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This is Why You Don’t Tailgate a Smoking Car

It seems like common sense, but that’s not always so common these days: you don’t tailgate a car that billowing smoke out the back.

Why, you ask? Because this video is why. What looks to be a routine trip down a perfectly good highway is suddenly – poof! – gone in the blink of an eye. Now, instead of heading on wherever he was going, this driver has to deal with the aftermath of a pretty high-speed impact and all the headaches that come from that, hopefully not including serious injuries, due to his impatience.

Instead of speeding up behind the slowing smokey ride, this driver simply needed to slow his roll and wait for the smoke to clear and pass carefully. But that would require that silly old common sense. Instead, he elects to try to make a pass at speed from within the plume of smoke, leading to the collision we see in this short dash cam video clip.

Slow down, folks. There’s are very, very few instances where you can’t take a moment to slow down and maneuver safely, a move that will allow you to reach your destination in one piece as opposed to trying to rush things and ending up crashed, or worse.


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