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This Is Why You Wear A Helmet Any Time You Ride!

I’ll be the first to admit that when I was younger, I thought I was way too cool to wear a helmet. I had a couple of pretty high-speed quads that I rode with what would certainly qualify is reckless abandon and never gave a second thought to actually protecting my noggin with a helmet.

Adult me, however, wouldn’t dare ride anything with a motor and not don a helmet, nor would I let my kids. Brains are just too vulnerable to leave it up to the skull to protect them, especially when good helmets are reasonably priced and readily available.

For a great visual representation of why one should always wear a helmet, we have a great video from the Philippines that just happens to contain a bonus “what not to do” lesson.

As you can clearly see, the guy on this scooter starts out by making a terrible decision, attempting to pass a semi on the right between the truck and a curbed sidewalk. With what appears to be less than two feet of space, the scooter barely fits between the curb and the side of the container being towed by the truck. The rider just taps the curb and that’s all that it took to throw off his balance and send the scooter crashing to the ground.

As you will see in terrifying slow motion, this left the rider on the ground with his head squarely in the path of the massive tires. With no time to escape, he is powerless to do anything before the tires roll over his head in what looks to be a fatality unfolding right before our eyes. However, despite the crushing weight of the rig, the helmet just manages to withstand the pressure. As the rider emerges from under the truck, you can see that the helmet is destroyed, squashed and deformed from the incident, but the rider himself seems to be okay.

There could be more at play than meets the eye, but it certainly looks as if this helmet saved the riders life, leaving him to hopefully make better decisions in the future.