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This Lawnmower Is The Roomba For Your Grass… Fully Automated!

I still remember the first time I saw a Roomba. It was on a YouTube video and I thought to myself “That’s neat, but I doubt it will catch on…” How at least half of my friends have tiny dinner plate sized robots that scurry about their homes, dutifully sweeping up dust bunnies and stray Fruity Pebbles, proving once again why it’s best I don’t invest in things.

So without any presumptions about how well the item featured here will do on the market, I have to say this makes sense as the next logical step in automated chore-doing: The Husqvarna Automower. That’s right, it’s a yard-work version of the little home-bound maid we’ve all come to know and love. Bigger in size for obvious reason, and packed full of advanced features that allow it to accomplish some ridiculously accurate mowing tasks, the Automower is truly a cool tool.

The video below captures the Automower in action against several of it’s competitor – apparently this isn’t exactly a new market after all – and shows just how well-adapted and fully-featured the Husqvarna version is compared to those other offerings on the market. We aren’t here to play favorites by any means, and Husqvarna has no idea we’re writing this, but the differences are obvious and plentiful, with the Automower standing far ahead of the competition in almost every head-to-head test.

So now we have self driving vacuums, self driving mowers, self driving snow blowers, and self driving cars have come a long way toward being what we all hope to see in the next few years. That begs the question, what’s next to be automated? Airplanes have autopilot, but the human pilot has to handle the touchy parts, taking off and landing. Will that part of the air travel industry ever be left to automation? Seems unlikely, but 20 years ago nobody thought we would have robots sweeping up after us and mowing our grass either… What do you see as the next marketable step in automation?