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This Mega Truck Launching Is Music To Our Ears

Posted by: Nick Koskowski on June 27, 2020

Folks, I don’t care how you feel about Mega Trucks, this things is purely badass. I have to imagine every single person that visits Speed Society regularly would agree that whether you’re really into off roading or if you’re not into it at all, you can still appreciate the pure awesomeness of this truck.

Built around an all-out custom built chassis with massive wheels and tires and long-travel suspension, this truck appears to be a late 40’s model Chevy, though it’s hard to identify due to all of the trimming that’s been done. Of course, the body on a project like this is mainly just an afterthought, the owner’s choice of what he likes best, and this one definitely looks way cool!

We don’t have any details about the powerplant, but it is obviously a blown engine of some kind, almost certainly a big block chevy with a roots blower cranking out anywhere from 700-800 horsepower to as high as 2,000, depending on the blower and the engine’s internals. I wish we had more specific info about the build, especially the drivetrain, but as of now, that is all we can tell about it.

Hearing this thing loping while getting into position to launch, you can’t help but feel like a whole lot of badass is about to happen. As soon as the driver stomps on the throttle, those feelings are validated as this monster roars to life and slings dirt high into the air. The massive mud tires dig hard into the ground as the truck blasts across the empty field, filling the air with dust, exhaust and the sweet, sweet song of a blown powerplant at wide open throttle.

What do you guys think? Would you like to know more about this truck? Maybe if we get enough shares it’ll reach the owner and he can fill us in on all the details!


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