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This Mini Ford Model T Hemi Go Kart is Badass

This is a ridiculously accurate Model T replica go kart, and we can’t deny that we want to get one of our own! This is much more than just a Model T body dropped on a run-of-the-mill go kart chassis. Instead, it’s custom-built half scale replica T Bucket that’s powered by a 6.5 HP Tecumseh engine tucked beneath the replica hemi engine cover. The wheels and tires are also well-proportioned and look as though they could have come straight off of an actual Model T, only they’re slightly smaller.

The replica even features little details like an actual carburetor and oil filter on the engine, as well as a leaf-spring suspended straight-axle front end that only serves to drive home the accuracy of the reproduction kart. The only detail missing will be added by the owner: an Ooogah horn! Other than that, this replica is missing nothing and it’s way cool!

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