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This Miniature Long Travel Buggy With a General Lee Paint Job is Wild

While many folks invest their time and effort into building full-scale creations, others prefer to scale it down a little bit, taking a dive into a world that’s a little bit smaller but just as action-packed. For lack of a better description, we would venture to say that this little build is downright awesome.

What we’re checking out here is none other than a tiny little long travel buggy, a go-kart of sorts that features a General Lee paint job. This tiny little machine looks like one that could manage to handle its fair share of wheeling abuse as well if you really wanted to give it some throttle.

Check out the video below that shows the amazing machine in action, sprinting down the street and back up again to show off all of the custom work that has been invested in making this thing truly one-of-a-kind. Would you take a ride in this miniaturized Dukes of Hazzard spinoff?


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