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This Monster Big Rig Is Optimus Prime’s Steroid Injected Cousin! 24 Cylinders… 12 Superchargers

Our favorite thing about the world of horsepower is the constant endeavor to make it bigger, more powerful, or louder than the guy before you. Mike Harrah of Caribou Industries Inc. is a prime example of this pursuit to go above and beyond with a build to really make something that’s worth writing home about. We’ve heard that this guy is always pushing the envelope and regarding this massive engine he built in the video you are about to see, he destroyed that envelope entirely!

Mike introduced this V24-71 Detroit Diesel “Big Mike” engine, a few years ago as the biggest semi truck engine ever made. This monster of a semi engine is supposedly rated at over 3,000hp and uses 12 – 871 blowers and this guy is spraying nitrous on top as well to get the job done. I mean, why not go in after you’ve already invested yourself into 24 cylinders and 12 superchargers. At that point it would almost seem a little bit disrespectful to not throw the entire house at something like this that has already proven to be a one-of-a-kind brute of epic proportions.

The video you are about to see shows this nasty power plant starting and revving. The sounds will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and will have you ready to put a little extra weight on your right foot. Check out this “Big Mike” engine cranking up while its hooked up to an Allison transmission inside of a totally custom 359 Peterbilt truck with a HUGE 40-foot long custom chassis to hold it all together.

Now all that’s left to do is see how this thing rips because we have a not so sneaky suspicion that the truck is able to pull its weight around out there on the highways when the operator lays into it.


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