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This Mustang Burnout Fail with Kevin Hart is Classic!

There’s dumb, and then there’s this. Not don’t get us wrong, we know that sometimes you just forget the car is in reverse when you go to do your burnout. It happens. But seeing a new Mustang try to do a burnout in reverse, only to have the car wheel hop so badly that it tears the rear bumper loose.

Making the clip even funnier, the addition of one of Kevin Hart’s classic stand up bits that just happens to fit perfectly with the Mustang mishap and the moments that follow. The guys watching seem to be dumbfounded as the Mustang driver just drives away into the night, with his bumper significantly less attached than it had previously been.

Thanks to the guys at Driver Mod TV for splicing these clips together so perfectly and sharing with us! We needed a big laugh this morning!


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