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This Mustang GT350 Wagon Might be the Ultimate One-Off Custom

Ah, the wagon.

If you’re not convinced that wagons can be cool, this pair of GT350 videos should do the trick!

When it comes to categories of car, we’re not sure that there are many more polarizing than the performance wagon. You see, those who love performance wagons really love them. However, if history has told us anything, it doesn’t really seem like they’re popular enough to support long-term production.

For example, one of the most desirable versions of the second generation Cadillac CTS-V was the wagon, at least if we look at the MSRP. However, this version of the CTS-V was also the first to be killed off because there simply weren’t enough people willing to buy them. In fact, while this is just one slice of evidence, the wagon has been a layout that has been disappearing from the automotive scene abroad over the past couple of decades. Just think of how many 2021 station wagons will be rolling around out there.

However, for fans of this layout, luckily, we can at least get to see what a 2021 model might look like thanks to the beauty of technology.

This time, we dive into a pair of Shelby GT350 examples that have been redesigned to stow a little more cargo, if you catch our drift.

One of them is a late model example that has been designed with the help of Photoshop. Let’s just say that, when the creator by the name of TheSketchMonkey gets to work, he can really create some interesting products.

Below, we find one of those examples of his work transforms one of America’s favorite pony cars into a wagon that really has some serious character.

After checking out that example, though, we take a dip into the old school. This one is definitely a polarizing topic of discussion as it has taken an original Shelby GT350 and turned it into a one-of-a-kind build. From what we understand, this car was transformed back in the 90s from its original state into a real-life Mustang station wagon.

After checking out this pair of cars, be sure to tell us what you think of the idea of turning a vehicle like a Mustang into a new layout entirely!