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This Nasty Rotary Powered Chevy Nova Hauls Ass!

We’ve seen all kinds of engines swapped into Chevy’s iconic Nova, from insane turbo big blocks to diesel chuggers, but this may be the first one of these we’ve seen. This Nova is powered by a pretty gnarly sounding rotary engine that does a pretty solid job of moving the vintage Chevrolet down the quarter mile.

With the typical snappy rotary throttle response, this Nova does a nice little burnout before taking a shot at the sticky starting line. As soon as the driver drops the clutch – yes, it has a manually-shifted transmission in it – the front end reaches for the sky as the magic triangles do their best to send the Nova into orbit. Just a tick over 11 seconds later, the car crosses the finish line at over 125 MPH, as solid quarter mile time for such a unique combination.

It’s awesome to see people out there still doing unique swaps and banging gears on the drag strip, so we send this guy some huge props!