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This One-of-One Superbird is an EPIC Barn Find That We’ve 100% Fallen in Love With

For barn find hunters across the world, beams of excitement are likely shooting down their spines. In the world of barn finds, sometimes, there might be a lot of sifting through junk to find something truly worthwhile. Every once in a while, though something rears its head that’s really worth talking about.

This time, the find comes to us from a historic car dealer by the name of “Classic Car Cowboy” that seems to come up with a variety of old school muscle machines to restore and sell.

This particular gem is the likes of a Plymouth Superbird that seems to date back to November of last year.

Nom nom nom She got a little bitey

Red bird is the new mascot. So follow along as we bring this one back!

More details to come!

Posted by Classic Car Cowboy, LLC. on Monday, November 16, 2020

While the prospect of locating a car like this seems exciting, the idea that it could be the only one of its kind is even more outstanding. According to the dealer’s Facebook page, this particular bird is the only one to ever exist in color code “FE5” which is called Rallye Red.

Bird is the word and the words been getting out!
Follow along as we Wake it up!
*She’s not for sale*

That’s right we…

Posted by Classic Car Cowboy, LLC. on Monday, November 23, 2020


Below, they even made a video that they say was created to poke a little fun at the car community. It also takes the liberty of showing off the one-of-a-kind muscle machine. In the post, they also let everyone know that they do plan on bringing this one back to life. With the bones that they have available, it’s too good not to revive! When all is said and done, this ride will be one slick machine to make an appearance in at the car function of the owner’s choice!


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