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This One Video Shows Proof of the Mustang Owner Showoff Pandemic

It started innocently enough, with people recording cars exiting shows and cruise-ins noticing that some Mustang drivers have a tendency to lose control of their cars while showing off for the onlookers. However, as more and more footage emerged, it became glaringly obvious that there really is a pattern. While there is plenty of footage of the drivers of other cars – even some ultra-high end exotics – failing at harnessing the horsepower of their car, it certainly seems to be much more prevalent among Mustang owners.

All it takes is a simple YouTube or Google search to find hours upon hours of footage of these incidents taking place from coast to coast. The video below is just one good example out of literally thousands that are floating around the interwebs. You can see these guys are trying to show off the car’s horsepower by kicking the rear end out and smoking the tires, only they aren’t quite ready to wrangle the power and control it through the burnout. Instead, it seems they all have a tendency to over- or under current, sending the car into a tailspin, which almost always results in them slamming into the curb or cleaning out the ditch. Occasionally they even make contact with other cars, trees, and power poles.

Of course, while we’re having a little fun at these guys’ expense, there have been several incidents where onlookers have found themselves in the path of destruction, and we certainly don’t intend to make light of that. It’s one thing to slide your car into a ditch or light pole and another matter entirely to put innocent people in danger with your shenanigans and lack of experience. Maybe we all need to head to a big, empty parking lot and spend some time learning what to expect from our car when we stomp on the gas and send the back tires into a cloud of smoke.