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This Procharged Chrysler 300 Is No Slow Poke

The drag strip is a place for you see ideas coming to life, many of which are similar to one another but all of which have a lot of dedication invested into them. This time, we take a drive off of the beaten path to check out something that’s a little bit different than your everyday drag racer.

In this one, we check out a Chrysler 300c SRT8 that is anything but the usual. It’s not too often that you see these things beefed up and ready to roll but thanks to a ProCharger system, the car manages to turn heads and get eyes on the platform, making folks wonder how exactly they made it goes that fast!

Sure, the license plate might spell out “Slow Poke,” but the car is anything but. With the hissing of the supercharger and a decent launch, the heavyweight Chrysler is able to muster up several passes in the mid-10-second range, not bad for something that weighs that much!

Check out the supercharged machine going to work down in the video below that shows you what a sleeper is really all about. With the stock set of wheels on this car, nobody would be any wiser about what it really can accomplish when the driver throttles down the quarter mile.


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