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This Raptor 1000 GSXR Quad Is Straight Nasty!

Engine swaps are pretty common in our world, but most of the time when we talk swap, we’re talking about dropping a GM LS series engine into a fox body Mustang, an RX7, or pretty much any platform. We do love to see people thinking outside the LS box though, and even outside cars in general, and swapping engines in things like boats, go karts, and four wheelers, much like this sport quad featured in the video below.

This guy decided to take a Yamaha Raptor quad, already one of the fastest quads out there, and take it to a completely new level by swapping out the engine for a powerplant from a GSXR 1000 sport bike. The stock Raptor engine churns out a respectable 45 horsepower, a good bit of power for a sport quad. However, dropping the 686cc stock unit for a 1,000cc of Suzuki Gixxer engine triples the power and then some at 161 HP. We’re going to say right now, this thing is going to be a ton of fun!

We don’t know much in the way of details, but we really don’t need them. This fellow, who we assume is either the owner or the builder, fires up the fuel injected unit and lays down a wicked smoky burnout in the parking lot, letting the engine scream as the rear tires create a few clouds. He hops off to talk to the guy with the camera for a second, then hops back on and takes the quad for a little drift session around the parking lot.

It’s obvious this thing has might have a little too much power, but it sure does look like a good time, especially when you can crank the throttle and swing the rear end out and slide like a legit drift machine. Tell us, Speed Society faithful: What’s your favorite engine swap? Would you ride this thing? It has tires for riding in the sand on the front, can you imagine hitting the dunes on this thing with over 160 horsepower on tap? Sounds like a great time!

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