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This Remote Control Tow Truck is Something From a Nightmare!

If you have ever had a pit in your stomach at the very thought that you would park somewhere and come out to a tow truck hooked up to your car, this video might just give you nightmares! Apparently, as it turns out, the companies that tow away your pride and joy may no longer even need to have a tow truck to get the action underway. In fact, this time, we check out a rig that makes use of a remote control mechanism that is designed to be able to get into tight spots and sort of automate the process a little bit when it comes to towing away a parked car.

In this one, we tune in is all of those metallic parts come together in just the right way as to expand, contract, and otherwise contort in just about every single direction as to make towing away your car that much easier. With a mechanism like this, it really seems like the company behind the haul can just be in and out, not even leaving a trace when they make off with your ride. Sure, you might be in the wrong but this is still an experience that nobody really wants to be a part of as it is downright terrifying. Videos like this will make you park more efficiently and double check that your spot is legal, that’s for sure!

Follow along in the video below that shows you the machines that you might be able to expect to see in the streets should you find yourself in a situation where you’re parked illegally. After seeing exactly what this thing is capable of, be sure to tell us what you think of this piece of machinery that really gets the job done in a hurry. Heck, if they can start making things like this for cheaper, there might not be any need for tow trucks in the future at all!