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This slammed and stretched RWB Porsche is one of the sickest we have seen

Hyrax Media Group catches up with Akira Nakai of RAUH-Welt Begriff, as he debuts the first RWB Porsche in Long Island, NY. This car is slammed stretched and all kinds of modified. It is the perfect street shark to tear up highways and city streets late at night. The bright blue color really pops and the stance of the car is perfect for how wide it is. We love it.

What is RWB?

RWB/RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF is a Porsche tuner located in Japan.
RWB has combined Japanese and Euro tuning elements,
creating the distinct RWB style for Porsche chassis.
Starting off as a small countryside body-shop in Chiba-Ken,
RAUH-Welt 911’s are now a common sight on both the streets and racing circuits of Japan.
We create only one RWB Porsche for each customer.”

Check out the video below of the car in detail, from the wide fenders to the huge wing it has quite the aggressive demeanor to it.


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