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This Tractors Rolls-Royce V12 Engine Makes 1600hp!!! – Epic Flames & Sound!

In the world of truck and tractor pulling, there are some insane combinations out there, from turbos to turbines and massive multiple-engine combinations that crank out thousands of horsepower. This tractor, dubbed Piecemaker, is fitted with one of the most unique setups we have ever seen. In stead of going with multiple powerplants, this tractor just has one, but man what a doozie it is! No turbines here, no big blown V8’s. Instead, Piecemaker is powered by Rolls Royce Griffon V12 that churns out a ridiculous 1,600 horsepower.

Not only is it cool to watch such a unique combination doing what  it does on the dirt, but the thing sounds downright killer, and it seems to do a great job of dragging the weighted sled down the course as well. The tractor is owned by Germans Mark and Peter Straatman, who compete in the 950 kg Modified Unlimited class.

The power delivery sounds like it’s very smooth and controlled, something that is a high priority in the tractor pulling world. Too much power too early and the tires spin too much and don’t provide enough traction in the dirt. Too little power and, well, we all know how that ends. So the driver has to be able to modulate the power delivery and bring it in nice and smooth to get the tractor moving early then hammer it out the back door. With no turbochargers or big blowers to worry about keeping in check, the driver just has to roll into the throttle as the tractor moves down the track. It does’t look like he quite makes it to the Full Pull mark, but still hauls quite a ways down the course.

We love seeing builds like this, so if you guys happen to run across anymore unique setups, don’t hesitate to throw it up on our wall!


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