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This Train Like Wave Machine Creates The Perfect Wave!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on September 21, 2017

As you could imagine, for a surfer, finding a place to surf that has great waves and ones that keep on coming could probably be a little bit of a challenge. Therefore, if you’re really serious about your craft, you might spend countless hours not only scouting out just the right location but also figuring out when the best time is to go and attempt to catch the ultimate wave. However, if you really get to the top of the bunch in your craft, you might just be able to afford something that would guarantee that you have the perfect wave just about every time and that’s exactly what we’re looking at here. This machine looks a little something like a surfer’s delight as it spits out surfing awesomeness.

In this one, we check out the train lake machine that zips through the water on a rail, sitting out beyond the surf, sending waves that look to make surfing an absolute joy. With something like this, surfers far and wide will never have to worry about missing that great wave ever again because after one is up, another one will just come along and replace it, allowing you to head into it full speed, whenever you’re ready. This is just one thing that you can take out of the thought process that will allow you to focus less on figuring things out and more on the technique behind your surfing.

Follow along in the video below that takes on this situation and puts you right in the thick of things, showing exactly what a mechanism like this has to offer. After getting a load of this surfing masterpiece, be sure to tell us what you think of the waves created by this bad boy and if you would be out there finding yourself in the thick of things, surfing on these artificially created waves.

This is insane!!!!

Posted by Antonio Navarro on Sunday, September 17, 2017


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