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This VW Bug Drifting is Actually an RC Car… Badass!

As you probably could’ve deduced from the title, we’re hopping into the nutty world of remote control again to check out another killer hobby build. It’s pretty insane how true to life some of these things can be as with this particular set up, it took me a minute after watching the video to decide if it was real or if it was a scaled down hobby vehicle. Things are just that serious in the world of remote control these days and we’re absolutely loving every last second of it as people take the most of their talents to the drawing board and come out with insane creations that you have got to lay eyes on.

This time, it’s none other than a Volkswagen Bug that is being thrown sideways during this pretty radical drifting display that shows off not only how much thought was put into designing this vehicle to make sure that it would be able to drift but also the ability that has been invested in the other side of the equation as the person behind the controls here expertly pilots this thing around the track, showing off exactly what they’re able to accomplish. We have to admit that this display is rather impressive to watch as the machine seems to glide effortlessly around the course.

Follow along in the video down below that will take you long for a ride with not just one Bug but two as they drift in tandem around the track, clinging to each other’s doors, almost, as they make their way around the course. After watching this display, be sure to tell us what you think of the VW machines as they show off exactly what it is that they’re capable of as they get this show on the road with some flair!