You Thought Rental Cars Got Bad Treatment? Check Out This Rental Backhoe

When it comes to purchasing a car for your own personal collection, many say that you ...

When it comes to purchasing a car for your own personal collection, many say that you should stray away from rental cars simply because when people rent vehicles they tend not treat them so well, or at least the story would go as such. I think that in general, this is probably some pretty good advice if you’re not ready to dig into a vehicle and start doing repairs but, on the opposite foot, what about the idea of rental heavy equipment? Do people treat such equipment as poorly as a rental vehicle? If this video were any indication, we would have to say that you should stay away from this kind of purchase as well.

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This time, we took a quite a situation as someone who rented a bulldozer just literally and figuratively is digging their hole deeper and deeper. As it turns out, when a job needed to be done, the bulldozer was the correct tool. However, before long, said bulldozer would end up being sunk into the mud. While it did propose quite a problem up front, it looks like the individual who got in a sticky situation was ready to get themselves out of it as well by renting yet another piece of equipment. However, upon using the rented trackhoe to try and fix the situation, it looks like they now have even more of a need for a helping hand.

After going through a situation like this, it’s probably something that these guys are happy that they filmed because this one is certainly going to be a stunt to look at and laugh at years from now. It probably was a pretty big headache to be involved in at the time but I’m sure that years from now, these guys are all going to look back and be able to crack a couple jokes about this unlikely situation that unfolded right in their laps as they were forced to deal with the consequences of not quite being as prepared as they should’ve been.

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