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Three EPIC Supra’s TEAR UP the Drag Strip!

Three EPIC Supra’s TEAR UP the Drag Strip! 

Check out this trio of crazy Toyotas ripping it up at the track from our friends at That Racing Channel.

Toyota Supras are some of our favorite cars to watch and this video will show you exactly why!

Check out the video of the sinister Toyotas and be sure to check out the specs on each in the description below!

“Darin / Jessica (of Real Street) Supra (silver with polished wheels):
6 Speed Manual
3.4L built 2JZ
Custom Precision Turbo
Motec M800 tuned by Darin
3200lb race weight

Geo Supra (Sales Manager of Real Street) – Silver with black wheels
3.0L 2JZ Manley pistons/rods
Headgames/RSP cylinder head
Precision 7685 Turbo
Motec M800 Tuned by Jay@Real Street
TH400 transmission
3820lb race weight

Tony TP/1 Performance Supra (Blue):
3.0L 2JZ built by TP/1
Headgames cylinder head
Precision 8685 Turbo
TH400 transmission
AEM Series 2 tuned by Red Star Motoring
3575lb race weight”