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THREE Year Old Power Wheel Drifting Sensation! “Lila Kalis”

THREE Year Old Power Wheel Drifting Sensation! “Lila Kalis” 

It’s going to be really awkward when you’re trying to explain how a three year old is a better driver than you are. Check out three year old Lila, Speed Society’s own as she drifts her Chevrolet Corvette and 24 volt upgraded G Wagon.

Lila drifts like a champ in her Corvette and steps up to burnouts when she hops in to her upgraded G Wagon. This kid looks like she has a future in racing for sure!

Check out the video below to see the kid put on a display of skill. Is your kid a driving extraordinary behind the wheel of their toys? Send your best video into the Speed Society Facebook and we might even feature it!


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