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Throwback: Joe Rogan’s 1970 Cuda, “Sick Fish” Revealed!

In the entertainment business, there are some names that have just been all over the place and it seems like Joe Rogan is someone that you can never pin down as he is jumping around from comedian to television show host all the way to UFC personality and commentator. Heck, recently he has even rolled out his very own edgy podcast that has put together over 1.5-million followers. Basically, what I’m getting at here is that if you have flipped on the television in the past decade or so, there’s a good chance that you know who this guy is. What you might not know about Rogan is that he has a sick and twisted passion for cars just like we do.

In this one, we flash back 13 years ago to a 2004 episode of a television show called Rides. You may or may not remember the show that was a short-lived production centered around everything on wheels in the mid-2000s. This time, it looks like someone has gone back in the archives and uploaded an entire episode, allowing us to get a retrospective insight on “Sick Fish,” one of the cars that the crew put toghether for Rogan in a killer 1970 Hemi Cuda that is built to impress. Seriously, with the talent that was on board with putting this thing together, there is no way that it was going to fall short of expectations and it certainly managed to exceed just about everything that you ever thought you would be able to see in a Mopar machine like this.

Sure, this flick might be so old that it’s running advertisements along the bottom of the screen for businesses that have going under by now (Ahem… Circuit City) but in the same respect, it really provides a cool look into the past that you just can’t get with television today. Check out the video down below that shows all the insane machines that are in Rogan’s arsenal that you’ve absolutely got to sink your teeth into.