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Throwback Thursday Street Outlaws “The Bank Note” Suffers Hard Crash

We first met Jeremy Rogers and his gorgeous Bank Note Nova a couple of seasons ago on Street Outlaws when he showed up to make a run at the Top 10 list. The car made the list as well as making an impact with fans thanks to its gorgeous appearance. While it’s hard to call any car with bullhorns and monster slicks a sleeper, the car certainly ran better than it looked and even sounded like it would, until Jeremy made the swap to ProCharged power.

Rogers, along with fellow 405 runner Shane McAlary and Street Outlaws New Orleans star Shannon Poole all loaded up and headed to the east coast to have a little fun at Rockingham Dragway. Shane and Shannon line up first and lay down a pass, with Shane taking the come-from-behind win.

The OKC duo line up next in a battle of ProCharged classic GM hotrods, but things don’t quite go according to plan for the Bank Note. Jeremy straps a huge hole shot on Shane and looks to be driving away to take the win, but as he proceeds toward the finish line, he also eases over to right toward the retaining wall. If you know anything about drag strips, you know they have a “groove” down the center of each lane that provides the most traction. If you get too far out of that groove, traction goes away big time and things tend to go sideways, quite literally.

That’s exactly what happened as the car got far enough out of the groove that the tires lost their grip and send the rear end out to the side. The car shot hard left across into McAlary’s lane, luckily passing just behind Shane. Jeremy made a valiant effort to save the car, keeping it from plowing nose first into the concrete barrier. However, the rear end did swing around and tag the wall pretty hard, resulting in heavy damage to the backend of the gorgeous Nova.

Jeremy was uninjured in the mishap and the car is already repaired and back on the track. Thanks as always to our friend Justin Malcom from the JMalcom2004 channel for the footage!