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She Throws Down Some Test Hits in Her TT C8 Corvette – It Sounds AMAZING

One of the things that we can’t help but love about the aftermarket with the C8 Corvette is that it has been off to the races since day one. With a variety of different motorsports personalities getting their hands on the car, all sorts of modifications have been thrown at it. From nitrous to forced induction and everything in between, we have seen some gnarly Corvettes come to life.

This time, the Corvette in question is coming at us from Emelia Hartford. In order to spice things up with her newly acquired C8 Corvette, Emelia has decided to hook it up with a pair of turbochargers. With a newer car like this, one might expect a little bit of a lapse in time before mods come to life, due to research and development. However, this combination seems to have sprung up almost overnight.

Certainly, with architecture this new, they couldn’t go out and rip on it right away, right? Guess again! This time, we get to watch as Hartford heads out in the Corvette with her tuner to do a little bit of tuning along with some fun having as well. With a car like this, it just seems almost impossible to not lay into that throttle a little bit to see what it has to offer. Once Hartford does that, she is met with quite a pleasant surprise as the car actually handles the boost rather well.

Honestly, with a car that sounds like this, we could go for a virtual joyride all day long. There’s just something about a boosted Corvette that can really have the tendency to send a chill down the spine.

After checking in with this wicked machine, be sure to tell us what you think of the twin-turbo C8 under a little bit of boost.