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Tim Mcamis Explains The Wings, Spoilers, And Deck Lids For Doorslammers

One of the things that has really solidified my admiration for legendary doorslammer chassis builder Tim McAmis is the fact that he’s willing to openly discuss many things that a lot of other professional chassis builders tend to keep under wraps. While I doubt he’s willing to reveal all of his secrets, there are a lot of things McAmis shares that apply to any other doorslammer, meaning he’s possibly cutting himself out of some profit by sharing these tips, but it serves to assist the racers themselves by helping them learn about their cars, even if they’re not McAmis chassis.

In this particular video, Tim is focused on the very rear of the body, an area that many people seem to overlook when it comes to tuning their car to the track conditions. While a full-bodied drag car car without a rear wing often looks silly or at the very least, incomplete, there’s more going on back there than just aesthetics. The wing plays a very important part of keeping the car planted and helping ensure it stays that way throughout each run.

Tim discusses in great detail the differences that the width of the deck and the height of the wicker bill play, as well as the height of the spill plates. If you need explanation on any of those terms, they’re all covered in the video, in far greater detail than I can explain here. Tim does an excellent job of breaking down the job of each component that makes up the wing as a whole and how they can affect things individually and as a whole.

This is just another reason why McAmis is such an asset to our community. As a chassis builder, he is responsible for numerous world championships and countless broken records and personal bests. Go ahead and hit that play button below and educate yourself on those last few inches of the car and how integral a role they can play in keeping things in check on any given pass.