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Tim Mcamis Gives Valuable Fabrication Tips (Tube Notching)

Becoming a fabricator is probably a talent that most mechanics would like to add to their arsenal. After all, how convenient would it be to be able to build your own custom components? No more paying retail and waiting on the mailman!

As it turns out, though, fabricating isn’t as easy as it might work. There’s a reason why some of this stuff costs so much. When we look at a finished product, it might just look like a bunch of components are welded together. To the untrained eye, it seems simple. However, the reality of it is much steeper than that. Anyone who knows fabrication knows that there are plenty of steps to think about.

Is fabricating something that’s just easy to jump into? Well, not exactly. However, it might not be as far-fetched to learn about as many might think. It seems like a journey that a lot of people within the craft would just rather hand off to somebody else. That might be a good idea for someone who is inexperienced. Gaining experience is right beneath our fingertips these days, though. With the help of all of the information available on the web, learning is a lot easier than it used to be.

With a little bit of research and a good set of tools, learning to fabricate could be reasonable. In fact, Tim McAmis, one of the industry’s well-respected fabricators argues that you don’t even need high-end tools to get going.

By following along with the video below, we learn a little bit more about what all is involved in fabricating custom parts. With a little bit of patience and a will to learn, this looks like something that’s totally accomplishable. However, when we see all the work that goes into it, we really get a much greater appreciation for those who have perfected this craft.

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