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Timelapse Shows Rebuilding of an 840 Horsepower Dodge Demon Power Plant

For those who appreciate the simplicity of being able to hop into a car and punching the pedal to go, sometimes, it can be quite easy to forget just how much has gone into getting the process to be that simple and smooth. For example, with the 840 hp that comes under the hood of the Dodge Demon, providing quite a punch while also remaining street legal, major investment had to happen in terms of time and labor in order to make this thing come to fruition. That 840 hp comes on the heels of not only the effort but also a ton of moving parts that really set this thing in a class of its own.

The machine is definitely a car that’s not hard to appreciate, however, when it’s time to really take a look inside of the engine and see all of the components that are collaborating with one another in order to make that power come to life, folks across the board should be able to gain an even greater appreciation for such a machine. From the crankshaft to intake manifold, there are hundreds of components that have not only been scaled to be exactly appropriate but also meticulously crafted from materials that had been painstakingly selected.

By following along with the video below, we get a very unique opportunity with Hagerty to go inside of one of these engines, showing the process after being deconstructed, of what it’s like to construct one of these engines from the ground up. For those who might not have the opportunity to get their hands on one of these bad boys in such a hands-on experience, this episode of Redline Rebuilds finds a way to be quite easy to live vicariously through.

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