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Tow truck tip – How to skate a stuck trailer hitch

Driving a tow truck might seem as simple as pulling up to the scene, loading up the vehicle in question, and rolling out but even if you aren’t a repo man dealing with an angry customer, it isn’t always that easy of a task as some cars can prove to be a real pain in the rear end to load and unload.

On one end of the spectrum, you have guys like myself who choose to be a real nuisance with their lowered cars that seem to be impossible to fit on the tow truck no matter what shape or form the truck comes in.

On the other hand, you have vehicles like the one in this video that are so massive that they also give the truck fits when it comes to getting them loaded onboard. In this one, we catch a process known as “skating a hitch” that tow truck drivers are able to use to make the otherwise complicated process go off without a… Hitch. No pun intended.

Watch and learn in the video below as the process is dissected limb from limb to teach you a thing or two. Who knows? Even if you aren’t a tow truck driver, this one might come in handy for you at one point or another.

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