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TJ Hunt Surprises Girlfriend With the Porsche of Her Dreams

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on August 17, 2020

Sometimes, life can throw us curveballs. The hard thing to handle with these curveballs is that we’re never warned about how severe they might be. Sure, most of us face adversity on a regular basis. However, with something as serious as cancer, it can be a real way to knock someone off of their feet.

Unfortunately, Sabrina, she has been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Many may recognize Sabrina as Tj Hunt’s girlfriend as she appears in many of his YouTube videos.

With a cancer diagnosis, there are the obvious effects. Naturally, health is going to be the main thing in question and she’s probably going to have to sit out from some life activities for a while.

However, there are also some unforeseen circumstances that might come about as a part of such a scenario. In this particular example, Sabrina’s license had been put on hold due to her cancer’s tendency to cause seizures. Obviously, it’s not going to be safe to operate a vehicle under these conditions. As difficult of an experience as we would assume that dealing with cancer is, added challenges like this are sure to make things even tougher.

Fortunately for Sabrina, it really does appear as if she has people in her life who truly care about her. After being put in a position where it was best for her to sell her Mazda CX-9, Tj jumped to the occasion to help make his girlfriend feel just a little bit better.

While she can’t drive right now, eventually, her license will be reinstated. With that information in his back pocket, Hunt decided to head straight to the Porsche dealership and buy her her very own dream machine. When Sabrina made her way back to the house, she would be greeted with a Porsche Macan. The luxury SUV is outfitted with every single option that they had talked about and certainly proves to be quite the surprise.

By following along with the video below, we get to see the moment that the gift was revealed as its recipient just couldn’t believe what was happening.

Here’s to a quick recovery for Sabrina so she can get behind the wheel of her shiny new ride!


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