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Toddler Falls Out Of Van On Busy Highway (Crazy video)

Toddler Falls Out Of Van On Busy Highway (Crazy video)

We have all made mistakes in our lives, but that isn’t to say that some screw ups are much more monumental than others in their severity.

This time, what we are watching is almost too extreme for words. This father had to be feeling like a complete wreck after this situation and to be honest, we feel for the guy.

While driving during a rush hour like situation in Suzhou, China, a dashcam would capture the back gate of a van lifting up and a toddler falling out into traffic.

The father, obviously distraught after finding out that the child was missing, sprints through traffic to get his son back. It doesn’t look like too much damage was done, but that was most certainly terrifying to watch. Hopefully, mom never comes across this video.


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