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Tom Bailey Takes Jeff Lutz’s Record, Now Has World’s Fastest Street Car

What is a “street car?”

If one were to ask 10 different drag racers this same question, they would probably rattle off 10 different answers. However, if there’s one way to prove that you have a car that’s worthy of the street, it would be to complete Drag Week.

The competition takes cars of all shapes and sizes and puts them on a number of drag strips within a week. These tracks are separated by a lengthy drive, often approaching 1000 miles. The catch is that the cars have to drive to each and every stop along the way. This is a lot easier said than done as many of the fastest cars aren’t going to be able to handle 1000 miles.

This year, Tom Bailey managed to make Drag Week history. He would go on to become the first-ever person to take home a 5-second pass on Drag Week. He would also go on to complete every leg of the event. This was quite an accomplishment. As the first to ever do it, it had to be something that Tom would be incredibly proud of. However, it seemed as if he already had his sights on another goal. Today, he’s toppled that goal.

More recently, Tom would make history, yet again. Another fierce competitor that you might recognize from Drag Week is none other than Jeff Lutz. Before Bailey, Lutz was the quickest competitor to participate in Drag Week and had held the overall record for quickest street car. This pass for the street car record would come outside of Drag Week. However, it was one that Bailey couldn’t back down from.

With a run that would send his Camaro down the strip in 5.77-seconds at 259 mph, Bailey would seize that record as well.

Even though these cars are hitting at the very top of their class, we get a feeling that the story is long from over. With Lutz announcing that he will make another return to Drag Week and Bailey stealing records left and right, we wouldn’t be shocked to see them engage in a bit more friendly competition before long. Will we see a clash of epic proportions unfold in next year’s Drag Week? Will we see more records fall before then?

In any scenario, we just can’t wait to see.

There you go 5.77

Posted by Bailey Racing on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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