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Top 10 Hidden Features Of The Ford F-150

In this day and age, cars are getting incredibly complex. Long gone are the days where any automobile is a simple machine. It seems like, today, even the most basic of cars and trucks have more features than anyone could ever want or need.

When we step up to some of the higher trim models, the features just get more and more ridiculous. However, some of these things can really be great to have if we learn how to use them all. Most of the time, though, our vehicles might even have features that we didn’t know were there. These features integrate so seamlessly that the owners of some vehicles have no idea that they exist at all.

When it comes to the new Ford F-150, there’re a whole plethora of luxuries to explore. Today, pickup trucks will go to war with even the most luxurious models that a brand has to offer. It seems like folks really love to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to being truck owners. Because of this, the likes of the F-150 boasts modern features that are hiding right under our noses. Some of them are more obvious than others.

By following along with the video below, we get an inside look at a whole variety of different additions to the truck that will make owners feel like James Bond himself. From a key fob sensor in the center console to sensors in the doors to prevent criminals, this thing is really loaded up with features that aren’t readily obvious. This thing even has a grill that opens and closes for cooling or aerodynamics.

After watching a video like this, it might make just about anybody want to go take a second look at that good old owner’s manual. Whether or not someone drives a Ford, there could be all sorts of technology onboard that the owner doesn’t even know about!


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