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Updated Top 10 List – The Best Tools From Harbor Freight

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on May 26, 2020

People who have never really bought any sort of tools for serious use might not understand. However, within different handyman circles, Harbor Freight can be a controversial topic of discussion. For those who are familiar with the brand, they know that the name essentially stands for budget tools. If you want to see a freakout, tell the Snap-On enthusiast that a Harbor Freight tool outperforms a Snap-On unit.

Because Harbor Freight tools are offered up at a low cost, they can tend to gain a particular reputation. After all, some of the tools that we find at the store are so incredibly cheap that our logic says that they couldn’t possibly be good. However, at least in my personal experience, I can say that this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. While anecdotal, there are plenty of others who would agree.

We think that most Harbor Freight enthusiasts will attest to the fact that one should be careful when they go through the store. There are certain items that are safe to buy and others that might be a little bit more questionable. As the years go on, though, it really seems like the brand is doing their best to weed out these questionable items.

This time, we follow along with The Den of ToolsOn this YouTube channel, our host seems to have great familiarity with a wide variety of tools, inside and out. This includes not only putting them to the task but also dissecting them to see exactly how they work. It’s helpful to learn their strengths and weaknesses.

By following along with the video below, we get an opinion about what the top 10 tools to buy from Harbor Freight are. This list was updated as of last year and should still hold true today. When it comes to shopping on a budget, Harbor Freight might just be the solution for you.

For those looking for somewhere to start, the tools on this list could be a good jumping-off point.


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