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Top 10 Must See Racing Movies to Add to Your Watch List

I’m not sure about you but for the last year or so, with all the craziness going on, I’ve been watching a lot more movies than normal. After a while, the Netflix suggestions can start to get a little bit stale and other streaming platforms run out of steam as well. This is when it might be time to get a little bit creative and start digging into the internet to find out what to watch next. Who knows? In this search, one may just stumble upon a gem that really can change the way we see things. There are lots of great movies hiding out there, waiting to be discovered.

Here at Speed Society, naturally, we really dig car movies a lot. Spread across the landscape, there are a ton of these sorts of movies with some being a little bit more realistic than others. Yes, Fast and Furious, we’re looking at you.

For those who may have grown tired of watching Vin Diesel and company pull off physics-defying stunts, this particular list of racing films takes a dive into the more realistic nature of things. While not all of these films are exactly documentaries, most of them do portray situations that actually happened or could likely happen in real life.

This time, with the help of Map Film Productions, we get to dive into 10 must see racing movies that every car enthusiast should add to their list. As car fans, we have to admit that we have seen quite a few automotive movies. However, this list also diverse in tone and era so there should be a little bit of something for everyone.

If you had to make your own personal top 10 racing movie list, would it match this one? Can you think of any other racing movies that are must see that you would add to the collection?

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