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Top 25 Close Calls, Motorcycle Fail Compilation

When it comes to motorcycle videos, the guys ever Blox Starz TV put out a load of clips from around the community showcasing some of the wildest sequences that you probably would have never thought possible until you saw them with your own two eyes.

It can be a lot to absorb, but this time they have taken the liberty of combining their top 25 close calls into one so that we can wrap our minds around some of the best of the best and these clips show some situations that really get close to getting pretty darn hairy if we do say so ourselves.

For some of these riders, you can’t help but wonder what they were thinking as they push their rides and their bodies to the limit, putting themselves in peril just to feel the thrill of the ride and try to accomplish that stunt that nobody thought was possible.

Check out the video below that takes you inside of these close calls by bringing you right to the edge of the action and tell us which of these close calls you think takes the cake is the most breathtaking of the entire group.