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TOP 5 – HUGE Ships Crashing Into The Shore!

With freight ships as large as these, you would think that everything would be down to a science and terms of maneuvering them around. We kind of picture the captains gently driving them into place every time.

However, it looks like the ships in this collections are about as smooth as a blackout drunk trying to do the macarena. In fact, let’s just classify them as “rough around the edges.”

This time, we take a look at a selection of five huge ships that crash into the shore in a process known as beaching. While we are no experts on the matter, YouTube commenters suggest that this process is only done when the ship is getting ready to go to the scrapyard.

Check out the rough-and-tumble process in the video below is these giant boats are taken to places that they seem to just not fit. It’s an interesting watch, though, that’s for sure.


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