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Top 5 Intense Windmill Fails That Blew Us Away! Literally…

The title is funny because it’s clever, yeah? Windmills have emerged as a reasonably safe, reliable forms of clean, renewable energy. They’re generally installed in groups and work by harnessing the power of the wind to drive electricity generating motors, like huge alternators powered by the wind instead of a car engine. One alone would make little difference in the grand scheme of things, but a windmill farm with a group of turbines can really help offset the dependence on less-clean power sources.

However, as great as these turbine’s are, they do have their drawbacks and they do occasionally fail. Since they’re usually installed in wide, flat areas, they’re prime candidates for being struck by lightning, as we see in the first clip in the video. Apparently damaged beyond repair by the strike, there’s no other option but to pull the turbine down, that process also captured on video in the clip. There are also many people who feel the windmills are a danger to birds, and the second clip works to verify that notion, as a soaring vulture is struck by the spinning blades of one of the massive mills. It appears the strike was fatal, as the bird lay motionless on the ground following the impact.

Then, of course, there are instances where the windmills just flat out fail, and that’s what the final three clips show. Whether it be from parts failure or overspinning, all three of the final fails are pretty insane to watch. It appears each of the three are spinning at pretty high RPM levels, so it seems like that is a contributing factor. Whatever the cause, they come apart in spectacular fashion, and luckily they were all caught on camera! What are your thoughts on windmills? Are they bad for the environment or does the good they do offset the bad?

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