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Top 8 Biker vs Driver Road Rage Videos of 2017!

When you come out on the other end of a road rage situation, whether you see yourself as a winner or loser in such a situation, I can almost always guarantee that you are the loser no matter which end you came out on. Road rage just seems to be something that’s not really worth it because, at of the end, it seems like you just aren’t accomplishing anything. Sure, you might get some anger out of your system but more likely than not, you’re going to end up putting yourself in a dangerous spot or potentially lining yourself up to get arrested.

This time, we check out a compilation video that threw together eight situations where bikers and drivers would road rage against one another and things would escalate to an entirely new level that would leave anybody watching a video like this just about speechless. Some of these people are beyond brave as they really go out there and try to pick a fight in the roadways, lobbying their opinion against others who probably have deaf ears to what the other party has to say. At the end of the day, this is almost never a good way to solve your problems but I guess, that for these people, they decided that it would make them feel better about themselves so they decided to have at it anyway.

At a bare minimum, the situations end up being incredibly entertaining to follow along with down in the video below that will take you to the scene of these incredible road rage incidents that will really make your head spin with the fact they’re actually happening. Personally, I would probably avoid situations like these at all costs because you never know what kind of crazy person is going to be at the other end of your anger and what kind of weapons they will be wielding to protect themselves or to come after you.


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