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How Much Fuel Does A Top Fuel Dragster Use? ALL OF IT! – FUEL PUMP DEMO

Top Fuel Dragster Fuel Pump Demo SINGLE Cylinder

Top Fuel cars travel at hundreds of miles per hour as they zoom down the track, defying death race after race as they blitz to the finish line.

In order to reach such impressive speeds, it would be intuitive that they use gobs of fuel as they span quarter mile or less in no time. Seriously, it’s a lot more than you’d imagine.

In this video, we check out what a Top Fuel Dragster fuel pump looks like in action! Watch up close and personal as this pump creates a cylindrical waterfall of gas.Remember, this is just for one of the eight

Remember, this is just for one of the cylinders that each car has, imagine how much fuel is used in a race when all are combined!

Check out the video below, this one is quite impressive! Even with all of the fuel being sprayed, these are still some of the most efficient cars on earth!!


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