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Top Gear Tribute Video – “When I See You Again”

Top Gear Tribute Video – “When I See You Again”

If you’ve been anywhere near the car community in the past decade or so, you’ve probably seen at least an episode of Top Gear.

For most of us, the show was an addiction. Nothing was better than kicking back, relaxing and throwing on the latest episode to take us on both an educational and comedic journey into the world of cars.

Unfortunately, as the cast and creators didn’t quite see eye to eye, the show was forced to part with it’s long time hosts, ending Jeremy Clarkson’s 27-year tenure and taking both Richard Hammond James May along with him.

Today, we come together with a video that makes us laugh and get a little bit mush as well as clips from Top Gear’s reign are compiled with “See you Again” from the oh so sad Furious 7 ending for a Top Gear tribute.


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