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Top Gun Maverick Delayed Until Christmas Amidst Covid-19 Outbreak

As we keep pushing forward, the COVID-19 Pandemic has gotten pretty serious. In the vast majority of areas around the country, it has been highly recommended that people stay home. As we continue to practice good hygiene and social distancing, we wonder what’s going to come next.

Putting Movies on Hold

In addition to all of the serious things happening as a result of the virus, some less serious consequences have unfolded as well. In addition to all public gatherings being postponed, entertainment is being put on hold. Not too long ago, it was announced that the next Fast and Furious movie would be pushed back a year from this summer to 2021.

The most recent delay is that of the second installment of Top Gun. The Top Gun: Maverick film slated to hit theaters this June will be put on hold until December 23. The movie would have an actor, Tom Cruise, returning to the cockpit to follow up on the iconic story from the mid-80s.

Why Not Just Send it to Streaming?

Now, we’re absolutely not professionals in the film industry. You can call us crazy but we think that now would be as good of a time as ever to try out some straight to streaming releases. With Netflix pioneering this concept with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, perhaps some of the scheduled theater releases will follow.

Sure, once upon a time, going straight to television or DVD was frowned upon. However, there was also a time when we actually had to leave our homes to obtain media. All of this rescheduling has to lead us to wonder if the straight to streaming concept is going to grow.

On a more personal level, now more than ever is a time when people need entertainment. It would be pretty neat to see somebody come up with an innovative idea to make that work with these new releases. Not that Hollywood owes us anything.

It would be a nice gesture of gratitude to have these releases hit home television screens to bring some peace to this time to chaos.


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